Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gphoto2 with PHP & MYSQL = RoBooK Scanner Software


This time we need to test if the Robook Software can be use or ported on-line. The software will functions as IDE (GUI) via web and controlling one or more cameras and somehow would insert/retrieve images in the database.But this is just a simple application yet the task is quite complex for there are combinations of more topics.We need to set the apache2 server for web hosting ,PHP will acts as a front end of the processing capturing and databasing and gphoto2 will be the OS driver to control camera/s.

Another thing to be considered is that , this is another exploration on our programming skills to implement PHP and mysql with such an application-RoBook scanning software.We can study here the way to execute shell command in PHP and storing binary image with the use of Mysql.

So let's start tinkering now.

Intel Xeon 64 bit CPU
OS-Linux (Fedora)

1) To enhance basic PHP 7 MySQL skills
2) To test the RoBook Software online or using web browser


Still on going...

Cool Training

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lamp Refugee 2D/3D Games (PIGA Software :Gambas Rule!)


Let's discuss another topic as the legacy of Computer programming (Linux/Unix & Windows) goes along its way...

Yes its all about the rules of Gambas in Linux ,a code available in computer programming which I considered a great examples in game software development industry. An open source and extremely 2D/3D games;I have to blog this wiki informing another excellent code example in Gambas2.The software development aficionados should watched out and see the excitement on how this development are being push trough-oh superb.There are ample of codes out there in the Wiki ,but this one got my interest -the best so far.

Piga Software has a second release of their "Lamp Refugee technical demo" project. The goal of the project is to build a Gambas Genie real-time strategy engine with the long term that hopes of building a Free Empires games on top of it. The first Source Release was sent out in October 2009. The current game release now is "playable" in that sense player/users can win the battle /saga stories by scheme or technique of constructing all buildings and eventually be able to destroy enemies camp. Some of the exciting AI of the games are to construct : train, mine, attack and explore.Graham Wilson a very young "Guru" game developer are taking in charge of the development as he is also the technical director of the said project.-http://piga.tropicalwikis.com/wiki/Graham_L._Wilson

Still, expect a lot of bugs and unimplemented features-yet developers are addressing all of these.

Infos and downloads are given below

1)Wiki Link: http://piga.tropicalwikis.com/wiki/Lamp_Refugee
2)Forum Post: http://piga.7.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?p=668#668
3) Download: http://icculus.org/piga/Files/Gambas-Genie/Lamp-Refugee-SR2.tar.gz


1) To discuss another Linux/Unix computer programming legacy(Gambas rules!)
2) Follow Lamp Refugee releases and its development
3)The howto's of Lamp Refugee game installations and playing


1) See to it if these libraries are installed

2) Get or download the package

3) Installing now the package

4) Settings:


I am now learning how to play, after all play while you work


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DjVU in Conversion and Compression of Files(Image,Data,Video,Sounds and etc)


I've gone too far with the Gambas2 IDE just recently when I finished the RoBook Scanner Phase 1 (software testing) .The stuff which I needed to include was the compression and conversion of images into smaller bytes and into another format.So I ended up choosing for a free software that will aid me doing the task, then I was stumbled in searching djVulibre features in scanning- the book scanned image.Of-course another third party open-source is very helpful for the djVu to act on the job and this is the ImageMagic-these two applications really gives me an extremely powerful scanning tools.

And why do I say so?Well DjVU and ImageMagic are free, these software had gone trough an intense R&D every time each versions are being release.

The Djvu technology was originally developed by Yann LeCun, Léon Bottou, Patrick Haffner, and Paul G. Howard at AT&T Labs from 1996 to 2001.DjVu (pronounced "déjà vu") is a digital document format with advanced compression technology and high performance value. DjVu allows for the distribution on the Internet and on DVD of very high resolution images of scanned documents, digital documents, and photographs. DjVu viewers are available for the web browser, the desktop, and PDA devices. Djvu is widely used across economic sectors, although the PDF format continues to be more widely adopted(wikipedia) .

cjb2,cpaldjvu, djvm,djvudump , ddjvu, djvu, djview, pnm, pbm, pgm, ppm, cjpeg, tiffsplit, tiffcp,djvused


Download Image Magic

Download pdf2djvu

Download djVuViewer

Download djvulibre

Download ffmpeg


To use DjVU features in Book Scanning:
a) File size compression
b) File format conversions
c) Compiling Multiple pages
d) Splitting Multiple pages into a single page
e) Apply djVu in RoBook Scanning


1) Installing ImageMagic
root@localhost# yum install Imagemagic*

2) Installing DJVuLibre(djvulibre,djvulibre-devel djvulibre-libs)
root@localhost# yum install djvu*

3)Converting Image format
root@localhost# convert image.jpg image.tiff

4) Image format to djVu
root@localhost# c44 left0.jpg
root@locahost# ls left0.djvu
4.1) djVu to image format

5) djVu to PDF

5.1) ) PDF to djvu

6) djVu multiple page

6.1) Splitting djVu multiple page

7) DjVu with OCR

7.1) Ocr to txt files

Detail(1) Scanned images

Detail(2) processing djVu



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SHELL and EXEC in Gambas 2

I really believed that it will never be the same style again (period).
Yes geek, VB6 will set you freely programming on your desktop but that could not happen anymore in Gambas2 .Why is it brother?well, from time to time there should be a cautions on your coding before you can compile it.Unlike VB6 as long as your syntax is correct there will be a possibilities of outputs.While ,in Gambas you have to secure first each environment /path so that you can link it in a compilations, either you make some scripts,patches or have the careful installation steps by steps.But it doesn't mean Gambas2 will be forsaken,the hardest thought you need to code it the hard core your application program will be.

Since , we have the pros and cons of Gambas2 programming , we'll try to code it what this gambas2 is all about-a hard core programming -systems program management as I would express it. Some built in functions of Gambas2 which are challenging to learn are SHELL and EXEC.

Actually SHELL and EXEC are functions that seems to be the mediator , you have the GUI on top and kernel at the bottom for a programmer to work on smoothly linux platform and want to apply GUI these two functions will be on the rescue-believe me.

So basically SHELL and EXEC

1) Understand the SHELL and EXEC format
2) Understand the SHELL and EXEC syntax
3) Create a program that will SHELL and EXEC
4) Apply SHELL and EXEC in Gambas2 scripting

1) Declare a variable type of data as process
2) Declare a variable as string
3) Assign one variable to be the value of EXEC and Shell process
4) WRITE the process
5) READ the process
6) Split the stringed process
7) Display the parse from an split process

So here is how we use and differentiate the code..
DIM sOutPut as String
DIM portOne as String[]

SHELL = " gphoto2 --auto-detect " TO sOutPut
splitString = Split(sOutPut,"\n","")
txtOut1.text =splitString[0]
txtOut2.text =splitString[1]

PortOne= Split(splitString[1],"")


DIM sOutPut as String
DIM portOne as String[]

EXEC [" gphoto2"," --auto-detect "] TO sOutPut
splitString = Split(sOutPut,"\n","")
txtOut1.text =splitString[0]
txtOut2.text =splitString[1]

PortOne= Split(splitString[1],"")



(1)It is obvious that before anything else in programming Gambas2, you need to
familiarize process management(SHELL & EXEC)
SHELL function is most likely preferred using a pipe in CLI instead of EXEC
;see for example (ie0:
running a command " ls -l" can be used to both but " ls -l | grep RoBook "will function fine in using SHELL

EXEC ["ls","-l","|","grep","RoBook"] is not proper
SHELL " ls -l | grep RoBook " is considered ok

(3) During process EXEC is much faster than SHELL function (try it..)

Gambas2 is absolutely good.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The hidden paradigm (Object Oriented Programming)






Since it is in the history of my own programming style to have worked on functional and procedural method of programming ,I have my own technical conclusions that OOP is also using functional ,procedural ,logical or previous method of programming only that these are an Encapsulations "information hidden "(built in) which is known as the different agents found in OOP.

What OOP has main features and advantages are the common style to classify its programming paradigm more friendly(common style->easy to debug) more usable standard approach in problem solving-Objectives.

The responsibility which I experience a light disadvantage is for a programmer the responsibility to know the different class,agent(tasky or not depends on the programmer)used in OOP whereas in a previous style of programming it's the individual /different style of a programmer to approach problem solving-Subjectives.



Thursday, January 20, 2011

CHDK (Canon Hack Development Kit)


As I always saying there are still some ways on how to reverse engineer the system..Our canon camera , a G11 was purchased instead of G10 as for replacement because the latter is outdated(phase out) already.I thought it was a wrong options to choose the next model of Canon Powershot series because Canon Company had issued an announcement that they were not supporting SDK to Canon Powershot G series any more.-ohh what the heck! A sort of dismay or disappointment for we could not withdraw the said amount in the photo store , so it seems buying a worthless camera for my Robook Project.

But that's not the end of the project , I have browsed a very good source of hacking Canon Camera firmware , and they are a CHDK developers group.I did not even expecting that this group are making camera features better than the Official Canon developers -Oh?Yes, they had exposed all hidden features of a Canon camera-almost!I found a G11 as one of the latest device which they are developing firmwares to date.

So what is CHDK firmwares? This is a program that alternates the original firmware of a camera device (I am talking here a canon)